Our Hospital Cats


Resident Lazy Cat

I came to Ardenwood Pet Hospital in 2005 from Brookvale Animal Hospital as part of the merger. I was taken in by Brookvale Animal Hospital in 2004 when my previous owners wanted to euthanize me because I had a small injury that was fixable. The kind doctor and Sophie thought I was too young and lovable to be put to sleep, and I have been with my new forever family ever since! 

I have adjusted well to life at my new hospital over the past five years.  Although, as you can see I do have to humor my humans some.

I may seem lazy, but I actually do have an important role here. I am a blood donor and give to severely anemic cats and kittens that need blood when the need arises. My family and I here believe every cat should have a little Koko in them!

It's no secret I enjoy a good pampering.  I make my bed at the front reception counter so I can enjoy receiving love from clients all day long.


Resident Back-Office Cat

I was adopted by Ardenwood Pet Hospital in 2006. I was actually taken in by Jennifer when she moved into the condo, where I occupied the patio. My previous owners had abandoned me in the complex, and I was being taken care of by the neighbors. The cold weather set in that winter, and since I didn't get along with Jennifer's cats, I was taken in by Ardenwood Pet Hospital and offered a warm place to stay. I am pretty shy and scare easily, which is why you may not see me. I make my bed in the doctor's office in the back of the hospital. Like Koko, I am also a blood donor and give to severely anemic cats and kittens. I like it here and am grateful to have a forever home.