Office Tour

Dr. Rue established this Fremont veterinary hospital in 1987.  Originally approximately 1500 sq. ft., it was renovated and expanded to 3000 sq. ft. in 2006 providing a more spacious, comfortable, state-of-the-art facility for our clients and staff.

We are located in the Ardenwood Plaza at the corner of Paseo Padre Parkway and Deep Creek.  Please click here for our contact information.



Our staff will warmly greet you as you arrive for your pet's appointment in our clean, fully tiled waiting area.  A variety of over the counter products including shampoos, pet food and flea products are also available for purchase.




We have 4 large exam rooms all equipped with digital scales to monitor the weight of your pet.  Two of the rooms also have lift tables to allow us to examine your pet at a comfortable working height and eliminate back strain.



Our modern pharmacy provides the ability to dispense needed medications for our patients at the time of their exam.




Our In-House Laboratory allows us to quickly identify medical problems with your pet.  It is also used to monitor ongoing conditions and is useful to detect any abnormalities prior to anesthetic administration for surgery.



The treatment area is the center of activity in our hospital.  This is where lab work is performed, dental cleanings and out-patient treatments occur, and minor medical procedures occur.  We recover our surgery patients and monitor our intensive care patients in this area.  We also have an oxygen cage for cardiac or asthmatic patients in treatment.



We provide dental services for our patients which may include routine dental cleaning and polishing, digital dental radiography and extractions assisted by a high speed dental drill.  We use modern, safe ultrasonic equipment to clean all surfaces of each tooth.  Our veterinary technicians clean and polish your pet's teeth to a smooth, lustrous finish which prevents plaque and tartar build-up that can lead to tooth decay.  After cleaning and polishing, our technicians apply fluoride to strengthen the enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.  Our doctors then examine your pet's mouth and determine the need for additional treatment or procedures such as dental radiographs or extractions.







Our registered veterinary technicians are trained to obtain high quality diagnostic x-ray images of your pet.  These allow our doctors to diagnose musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, reproductive, urinary, cardiovascular, and respiratory disorders.  The x-rays taken of your pet can receive a secondary evaluation by a Board Certified Radiologist to help ensure state-of-the-art care.


Our highly trained staff strives to perform the safest, most efficient state-of-the-art surgical procedures on your pet.  Pain control, respiratory monitors and advanced warming devices help ensure a closely monitored, comfortable surgical experience for your pet.  Board Certified mobile surgeons are often utilized for advanced techniques in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.


Cats have their own separate ward with comfortable 2-room condos to relax in.  A living room is provided with a passageway into a separate litter box area.  Cat perches are provided for additional exercise.


Our highly trained kennel staff will nurture, lavish attention and care for your dog while boarding.  Two family dogs may share a large run if compatible.  Small dogs have the option of a separate condo or a larger run pending availability.  We provide high quality food or clients may provide their own food.  Medications can be administered (for an extra fee).  Dogs are walked three times a day (twice on the weekend) for exercise and to relieve themselves.

We hope you have enjoyed our hospital tour.

We are proud of our hospital and do our utmost to keep it clean and comfortable for our clients and for our staff.